About Us


The major corporate social responsibility arm of RAKSHAK AMBULANCE SERVICE, was established in 2016. It provides integrated Emergency Response services in Public Private Partnership, with a vision to support and build capabilities to promptly respond to millions of emergencies and save lives nationally and establish RAKSHAK AMBULANCE SERVICE as a premier Research and Training Institute.


Working with an emergency medical service provider is no doubt an exciting job and at RAKSHAK AMBULANCE SERVICE. the same holds true. We have an open environment, which believes in secularism and treating our people like family. We encourage our employees to pursue higher studies as much as possible as well as celebrate all religious festivals. Right from blue to white collar employees, we have a diverse, young and vibrant crew who are passionate about their jobs and work dedicatedly to make every second and life count. The Golden Hour is most crucial for any accident victim and our efficient drivers ensure that not only do they transport the patient in the shortest time possible, but also do so safely. Our drivers are also well trained to identify the fastest route between the accident site and the nearest hospital. Our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are some of our most valued employees and thanks to their ability to provide immediate care, we have been able to save precious lives. Our EMTs are well equipped to handle even critical patients and perform basic life- saving techniques while they transport them to the nearest hospital.

The first few moments after an accident are when most people panic, especially when conversing with emergency medical staff. Our call centre executives at RAKSHAK AMBULANCE SERVICE are patient, compassionate, and are able to effectively gauge the situation at hand. They are also able to provide the necessary assistance to alleviate the patient’s anguish and assuage their uneasiness. Be it an accident or a sudden illness, in an emergency situation, timely medical attention is of the utmost importance. However, the kind of medical attention one is provided is also an important deciding factor for his successful recovery. Thus, RAKSHAK AMBULANCE SERVICE ensures that all of its paramedics are put through extensive training sessions, mock drills, and tests, to enable us to attend to any emergency to the best of our abilities, saving lives in the process.

Care: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to provide passionate pre- hospital care while transporting patient/ victim to the appropriate hospital for stabilization. Emergency Response Centre Physician (ERCP) advises patient care with the support of ERO, EMT to ensure optimal pre-hospital care. In Partnership with 2 states (Uttar Pradesh and Bihar operates 10- Ambulances, with more than 20 on roll employees. Till date 2.10 crore beneficiaries have availed these services, 5.30 lakh deliveries were assisted and 33.27 lakh lives were saved since inception. “ Apart from our core values of being ethical, being transparent and fostering teamwork, we also focus on delivering top quality services that involve saving lives, minimising anguish and aiding in improving the patient’s outcome.“