More often than not, the cases that we deal with on a daily basis are extremely critical. Likewise, the patients we transfer, are in need to immediate medical attention and the equipment are on board. Moreover, our Ambulance play a very important role. It ensures patients have transferred to the nearest hospitals in a stabilized condition.

Our fleet of Advance Life Support Ambulances are all fitted with state of the art equipment including ventilators. A ventilator Ambulance will ensure that the patient is able to breathe properly until the Ambulance reaches the hospital. This life saving equipment is a must, especially in cases that are critical. The importance of a Ventilator Ambulance being available for patient transfer in today’s day and age is an imperative considering the high incidences of medical emergencies today.

At RAKSHAK AMBULANCE SERVICE we believe in saving lives and that’s why all our services are offerings are tailored to ensure that the patients we pick up and transfer receive only the best in class service by way of use of the most advanced equipment that can help save lives. Making appropriate emergency care accessible through the availability of Ventilator Ambulances with trained Paramedics on board is our top priority.

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